"Doing Jim Strait’s show was great fun. Engaging, provocative, respectful, well-informed: what more could a book writer hawking his new book ask for in a host? Plus I love that our time on the radio felt less of a formal interview and more like a conversation"...Gary Rivlin, Author "BrokeUSA"
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Most talk shows are manned by men and women that are seemingly unaware of their imperfection. Their websites descriptions of self are typically full of hyperbole and grandiose claims that read much like a boldly embellished resume. James on the other hand, makes no such claim. In fact, he openly admits to personal imperfections, and wants you to know the measure of his imperfection. (click here ONLY if you are fully prepared to contemplate the dimensions of James' imperfection).

Notice that he admits to imperfections, but not limitations. Limits are for
those who accept them. James rejects limits, and standards of convention. He encourages original thinking, ongoing personal growth, and the creative process.

Thus, having grown bone tired of the canned, predictable, self-serving,
pre-masticated rhetoric spewed from the mouths of today's technocrats,
bureaucrats, vacuous political operatives, fourth estate opportunists, agenda based pundits, and Ann Coulter, James felt compelled to enter the "On Air" fray battling the rampant forces of blatant stupidity, narrowed perspective, and premeditated distortions. (Is THAT a run on sentence or what?)

 While many citizens (and talk show hosts) lean to the political right (most of whom have never worn a military uniform) and an equal number lean to the political left (a surprising number have worn a military uniform), that everyday LIFE is lived upon and within the middle ground. Let the extremists spew their self serving venom. James, has the antivenin. Drawing from both sides of the spectrum to whatever degree required to intelligently balance the equation, James employs clear, level headed (most of the time) analysis that frequently takes common evidence to an uncommon destination.

  • Tune in IF you want to listen to heart felt commentary from a
    unique frame of reference, and justified with common sense.

 Sometimes caustic, often irreverent, frequently humorous, usually informative, and yes, sometimes even sappy and sentimental. No matter the mode at the moment, you will feel welcome and want to join the conversation.

  • Tune in IF you possess the wherewithal to handle sarcasm,
    anger, humor, empathy, frustration, passion....and well, you know, just the usual agony and ecstasy of life stuff.

 So....If you're easily riled, thin skinned, on psychotropic medications,
incapable of considering an alternative point of view, or in league with the forces of evil, then STRAIT-TALKING may prove dangerous for your ear.  But, if you are intelligent, quick on the uptake, willing to share your passion while exploring a limitless variety of topics ...then STRAIT-TALKING may indeed be your comfort zone.

Tune in! Call in! Speak your mind!

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