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Real ID

On Tuesday, May 10, 2005, the membership of the United States Senile's pulled the wool over our eyes. All in the guise of Homeland Security. The REAL ID act lays groundwork for an oppressive future.

REAL ID is a standadization of individual identification. On the surface, it sounds sensible and desirable to standardize such a routine piece of ducumentation. However, REAL ID goes beyond a discrete piece of paper. REAL ID takes advantage of technology, and data base.

REAL ID will contain a passive database that is also a tracing technology where, when exposed to an interrogation device will download all of your personal information to that person and organization with such a device. Whether they be legitimate, or criminal.

There are a few unpleasant side effects of REAL ID. REAL ID will require that correct street addresses be revealed. Thus, opening the door for stalking, harassments, and even violations and assaults upon card holders as a function of the data being easily available.

Also, the REAL ID increases the probability of identity theft. Retailers will scan your card to verify that you are the legitimate holder of the credit card that you present, and because of the amount of data that is revealed upon machine interrogation of the REAL ID card, virtually anyone can take advantage of that data.

There is also the psychological aspect of REAL ID. The frequency of card interrogations will give rebirth to the ugly spectre of that era where the dreaded phrase of, "paper's please" was uttered by every border guard to every traveler, at every check point behind the iron curtain.

It only follows aseptically, that the notion of "Big Brother" is unavoidable when the concept of REAL ID is considered.

Ask yourself, do you want the average TSA agent to have your personal information?





May 11, 2008 is the drop dead date. By that date, all agencies across the United States of America will only accept identification cards that meet the REAL ID act...well...as opposed to me putting it in my own words...here it is as stated verbtim by the "SMART CARD" people:

"In response to Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201), providing specifications fo an interoperable Federal Personal Identity (PIV) card. The standard calls for a combined contact/contactless smart card  that can authenticate the cardholder for both physical and logical access. The FIPS 201 standard not only applies to Federal employee and contractor ID's; it is also being used to specify the underlying requirements for the Transport Workers Identification Credential(TWIC), Registerd Traveler and First Responders Access Credential ( FRAC) credentials."

If the above statement does not make your skin feel itchy, then we are indeed from different generations, or possibly even planets. And IF this is what we have devolved to as a nation as a function of one single act of terrorism...then I fear for us deeply if the "you know what" ever really hits the fan.

I guess I should not be surprised. Instead of taking to the air in vast numbers after 9/11, we stayed ground bound cowaring in our very comfortable abodes while watching the world pass us by on CNN. Had we taken to the air in defiance of those that wish to destroy our life styles, then the airlines would not have suffered the terrible financial losses post 9/11. And the reality was, that the skies were NEVER safer than just after 9/11. It seems to be the mode of operation now days to hide from reality, if even to our own detriment.

It takes testicular fortitude to be an American. It always has. We have historically blazed our own path. Sometimes at great detriment to those in our way (sorry about that American Indians) but ultimately the course of this nation has taken it to that place in history where others envy our lives. We are still the standard by which most measure themselves. (Okay, not the muslims) Some aspire to emulate what we are, others seek to destroy it. It used to be that we  embraced those that wished to be like us, and took no prisoners with those that confronted us.

Now, we impose trade sanctions on North Korea, and won't sell them ipod's....wow....that'll teach em to mess with us!

How does this tie into REAL ID? It takes testicles to be an American. If you won't fly on our airplanes during the safest of moments, how are you going to find the wherewithal to rebel against an oppressive identification process that negates every sensation that came as part of being an American?




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